Payment Method

1) In order to reserve a seat for the course and issue an invitation letter (upon request), you need to make an advance payment of 30% from the total course fees. If you wish to pay the full fees, you may do so.

2) We accept current or company cheque andĀ  please write your cheque payable to:

3) We accept cash. You need to settle the cash payment before the course start on the first day.

4) We accept credit card payment through Paypal. You can sign up at for free to use your credit card facilities to pay us.

Note 1: Paypal will charge 4.5% for each transaction on our side here and you will have to bear the transfer fees. This means if you are suppose to send us USD1000.00, you need to add in the 4.5 % charge. So the total amount that you need to send to us is USD1045.00


Note 2: Before you make a payment to us using Paypal, please do let us know first by contacting us HERE.

5) By bank transfer locally or oversea (international students). Please contact us for banking details.

6) By Western Union Or Money GramĀ (international students). Please contact us for banking details.