Advanced Electronics Repair Course


advance electronic


Course Code: AER01

Course Length: 3 days


This course is tailored to individuals who wish to learn the Advanced Repair Techniques in Electronics Troubleshooting.

Who Should Attend This Course?

The Advanced Electronics Repair Course is targeted to those already have few years experiences in electronics repair and had completed the Basic Electronics Troubleshooting And Repair Course. They can be IT Managers, IT Engineers, IT Lecturers, Technicians, Technical College Students, Electronic Hobbyists or Computer Owners.

Benefits After Attending This Course:

After you have attended this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) Work-(Flyback Converter Topology)
  • Read SMPS Schematic Diagrams and able to recognize all the different sections (hardware) in power supplies confidently.
  • Understand why a power supply will have decreasing/increasing (unstable) output voltage and power blink problem the moment you turn it On.
  • Understand why the output measure good but the power supply immediately shutdown when the load is connected
  • Start to troubleshoot a power supply with no blown parts
  • Use DC ammeter, light bulb and Flickering method to isolate power supply problems thus speeding up the repair process.
  • Check/test if the high frequency transformer (power transformer) is good or bad with the use of a special test equipment.
  • Find replacement or substitution part number for SMPS components.
  • Know Where to Buy Power Supplies Parts Locally and Online.
  • How to Modify SMPS that was hit by lightning, parts burnt beyond recognition, missing components and etc (applicable to less than 80 watt power supplies only) and make the power supply to work again.
  • Perform critical voltage testing points on power supply with Power On.
  • Read Mainboard schematic diagrams
  • Understand How Micro Controller Unit (MCU), EEprom IC and Flash Rom IC function.
  • Use Smart Tweezers to check faulty SMD components
  • Use a 100Mhz Digital/Analog Oscilloscope to perform critical waveform checking on mainboard with power On.
  • Use a simple EEprom/Flash Rom Programmer (Copier) to copy EEprom/Flash Rom data for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Use a Rework Station to extract and solder SMD/Spider ICs on circuit board
  • To trace shorted component  in mainboard with the help of DC Power Supply.
  • Locate intermittent problem in mainboard by using hot air and coolant/Freezer
  • Locate components that are going to burn/short circuit by using a heat checker device.
  • Use Huntron tracker/Analog Signature Analysis (ASA) software/hardware device to compare identical circuit boards to locate faulty section or components
  • and many more

advance electronic coursePRE-REQUISITES

  • Completed the Basic Electronics Troubleshooting And Repair Course
  • Or must have at least 3 years of experience in Electronics Repair

The course materials, lectures and lab exercises are in English.

(Upon request, the lecturer can conduct in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia)



1. Long term technical support by Noahtech through email and phone. You will never be left alone after the course.  Any electronics repair questions just call or email us.

2. A Participant Workbook which contains:

  • Safety First
  • How to Discharge Capacitor
  • Tools And Test Equipment
  • Introduction to Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Identifying Electronic Components In Different Types Of SMPS With The Help Of Photos
  • Block Diagram Of A Typical SMPS and How It Works
  • Flickering Method/Light bulb/DC Ammeter
  • Understanding Mainboard And  EEPROM IC
  • Troubleshooting And Repairing  Mainboard
  • Troubleshooting The Microcontroller Circuit In Electronic Equipment
  • SMD Resistor Code
  • SMD Leadless Capacitors Code
  • SMD Transistor and Diode Code
  • Typical SMD IC Codes In Mainboard
  • How To Completely Tackle Intermittent Fault In Electronic Circuits
  • Understanding Oscilloscope
  • Power Supply Critical Voltage Test Points
  • Power Supply Critical Waveform Test Points
  • Mainboard Critical Waveform Test Points

3) Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon completion of the course.

advance electronic repairingelectronics repair course
The workbook will be given when the workshop begins.

Course starts at 9.00am to 5.00pm

Click here to print out the course outline or right click to save the file.

NOTE: We limit only to 8 participants per class to maximize attention so book early to secure a seat and to avoid disappointment. Click here for the course schedule. For more information, inquiries and registration please contact us HERE.