About Us

Noahtech Computer Repairing and Services has been in the electronics repairing industry for over 19 years (since 1996). As one of the pioneer in the field of electronics and computer repairing, we understand the common problems and needs, which face by all the repairing center in Malaysia. Thus, Noahtech have taken an initiatives to grow beyond as a computer repairing center, we have also grow as a center for sourcing technical information, semiconductors, testing equipment, technical books, printer parts and providing electronics repair courses. It is our sincere hope by providing all the services we have; you will be able to enhance your skill to a higher level.


Noahtech aspires to be the leading provider of technical repair information by offering training of the highest standard in Electronics significant fields and by guiding electronic engineers and technicians on HOW and WHERE to get important tricks of the trade. We will provide you with important information, which includes the TIPS, TRICKS and TECHNIQUES that are crucial in the electronics repair trade.


To be a leading centre for education and electronics training. To play a role in co-operation with the government, business and industry in building the nation towards a knowledge economy.