How To Enroll

For Malaysian participants:

1) Email/call us to let us know which repair course/courses that you want to attend.

2) Select the course dates here. Let us know if you prefer other dates.

3) Once you have confirmed the dates and the course/courses, we will send you a registration form (for company) to be filled up and need to fax it back to us the participants and your company details.

4) If you are from other states (outstation) then check out the hotels here.


For International Participants:

1) Email us to let us know which repair course/courses you want to attend.

2) Select the course dates here. Let us know if you prefer other dates

3) Check from your Embassy for more information about getting visa coming to Malaysia. Most of my foreign students that had attended the repair courses came here under tourist/social visit visa.

4) Once you have known the procedure of getting the Visa and the course dates is confirmed (through email you have sent to us) you can start to book the hotel here.

5) If you would like to have an invitation letter kindly email us.

Note: The repair course fees does not include of food, accommodation and transportation. Payment must be made before the course starts. Click here for payment method.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Do we need to send our CV (Curriculum Vitae) and resume in order to take the course?

No it is not necessary because these are hands-on practical courses and is not related to your CV and resume. Even if you do not have any technical knowledge/experience, you can always start from the Basic Electronics Repair course.

2) What I should do once the date of the training is confirmed?

Once the course date is confirmed, you just need to book the hotel and buy the air ticket. We suggest that you book Sri Damansara hotel because it is nearby our office (walking distance). As for the Air fares we suggest that you check with your country airline company.

3) How to go to your training center from the Airport? 

Once you have reached the Malaysia KLIA international airport, go to the airport taxi counter and tell them where you want to go. The taxi fare to Sri Damansara hotel is approximately USD23.00 which is about RM95.00 and the journey will be about an hour. The next day morning you can come over to our premises and take the course. I suggest that you book the Sri Damansara Hotel because it is just a walking distance to our premises.

4) Can I take a bus instead of a taxi?

If you prefer to take a bus from the Airport to Sri Damansara Hotel then you need to take a taxi from KLIA to KLIA2 airport. The distance between KLIA and KLIA2 is less than 2km and the taxi fare is less than RM10.00. At KLIA2 you can take the Skybus to 1 Utama terminal. From 1 Utama terminal you need to take a taxi to the Sri Damansara hotel. The taxi fares cost about RM15 to RM20.00. The travelling time from 1 Utama terminal to Sri Damansara hotel is about 10-12 minutes.

You may click on the Skybus website below to check on the bus arrival and departure time:

Note: You can place an online booking to reserve a seat for the skybus.

5) How to go to your training center from Sri Damansara Hotel?

Coming out from the hotel main entrance walk left for about 30 meter. You will see a slope (going uphill) at the right side. Walk all the way straight (about 250 to 300 meter) until you reach a T-junction. Just before the T-junction at your left side  you will see the company sign board “Noahtech Training Center” (the fourth shop).

noahtech training center

6) What will be the cost for international students/participants coming here to study?

Flight ticket price- You need to check with your country airline
Taxi from Airport to Sri Damansara Hotel: USD23.00 (RM95.00)- One hour journey
Taxi from Sri Damansara Hotel back to the Airport: USD23.00 (RM95.00)- One hour journey
Lunch per meal is USD1.50 (RM6.00)
Dinner per meal is USD1.50 (RM6.00)
Sri Damansara Hotel room without windows- USD34.50 pernight (RM138.00)
Sri  Damansara Hotel room with windows- USD42.00 per night (RM168.00)

As for the hotel we suggest that you book Sri Damansara hotel because it is nearby our office (walking distance) and both the hotel rooms type comes with morning breakfast.

The total expenses is depends on how many days you want to stay in the hotel and which course you want to take. Kindly contact us  HERE to check on the course fees.

Note: The course fees include only the materials and the training. As for the test equipment and the tools we will lend (provide) it to you to do the practical works.

7) Should I stay at Sri Damansara Hotel or Hotel in the center of town?

There are always pros and cons staying at the city center :


1) After the class, you still can find entertainment in city center. There are also lots of eateries and shops and much more happening during night time.

2) If you are bringing along your spouse and children they can go for shopping and city tour while you are having a class.


1) You have to wake up early to take the taxi to avoid being late to the class.

2) If there is heavy rain (downpour) in the morning you may be stuck in traffic jam and may be late for the class.

3) You need to pay the taxi fare to and fro which add up to the expenses. Some taxis do not use the meter and may cost you RM40 to RM50.00 per trip. If you found a taxi that uses the meter, it may cost you around RM25 to RM30.00 per trip. Usually in the early morning rush the taxi may charge higher.

Staying at Sri Damansara Hotel:


1) During the course lunch break, you can always walk back to your hotel to take a rest/short nap or take a hot bath to make yourself fresh after a long journey especially for oversea students.

2) No need to rush back to the city center because it is just a walking distance. Imagine if there is a heavy rain (downpour) in the evening, you can stuck in the traffic jam for hours.

3) You will save on the transport money because you do not need to take a taxi back to city center.

4) If there are more than one foreign student staying in this hotel, this means you will have one or more companion. After the class, you can go out with your companion or buddies for dinner, visit center of town and etc.

5) If you are checking out on the last day of the course, you can place your luggage at Sri Damansara Hotel store room (assuming that you have many luggages or bags). After the class at about 5pm you can walk back to the hotel and claim your luggage.

Note: You can also place your luggage in Noahtech Training Center.


1) Less entertainment in this area.

2) You may feel boring after the class because there are not many places you can go but then again it depends on how you spend your time. You can read or study back the materials given during the course and prepare yourself for the next day.

Note: However, if there are more than one foreign student staying in the same hotel, you can go out with him or in a group to any place you want during night time or even at weekend.

Latest Hotel: Nearby Sri Damansara hotel, there is a new hotel (Ibis Hotel). You can book this hotel too.

8) Is there any hotel that is located beside a shopping complex and not far from your training center?

Yes, there are two hotels and located about 10 to 12 minutes drive to my training center:

a) One World Hotel

This hotel is connected to One Utama shopping mall (One Utama shopping mall is one of the longest shopping mall in Malaysia)

b) Royal Bintang Hotel

This hotel is connected to The Curve shopping mall. Beside this hotel is Cathay Cineplexes (Cinema). Opposite this hotel is Ikea and Ikano Power shopping mall.

Note: These 5 Stars hotels rate is much more expensive than Sri Damansara Hotel

9) What will be the itinerary on Saturday? 

For international students that are taking the Basic and Advanced Repair courses (if the local students want to join also can),  on Saturday morning, we will send you to Electronics Center (Pasar Road) to buy electronics related stuff such as meters, project kits, tools and etc. In the afternoon, we will treat you a free lunch.

After lunch we will send you to KLCC Petronas twin tower (highest twin tower in the world) for shopping and sight seeing the city of Kuala Lumpur. In the evening and the whole Sunday you can rest or have your own programs.

Once the Repair course is completed, at night we will treat you (and with other international students) a buffet dinner. We can chat the whole night and the best part is you can eat as much as you can.

dinner for student

If you have decided to come then email us to secure a seat fast as sometimes the class can be fully booked. For your information each course is limited to small number of participants per class so book early to avoid disappointment. We emphasize on quality teaching rather than quantity so that all students will receive personalize attention from the trainer.

You can select the schedule in the below link:

If you wish to check on the testimonials given by the local and international participants you can visit the link below:

If you have other question or want to book a seat please contact us HERE.

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